Unique souvenirs from our workshop

Unique souvenirs that we are offering are connected with programs that we are running

Since the families we are working with below the poverty line and outside of the “mainstream system”, generally working in the black market, Roma children are often forced to participate in work (in the home or the market) at the expense of their education. Mothers are in most cases uneducated and burdened with care numerous children. Economically depended, they face domestic violence in high rate.

Agenda organization, also is facing issues with sustainable funding for programs, as founders often ask for new pilot programs at the expense of supporting continuity of existing programs.

We  started to develop a program of souvenir production. Our first prototype are made by Woman crafts NGO from deprived area of Serbia – Nova Varos.

We received a 4 sewing machines as a gift from kind group of women from Newton in Iowa.

We are in process of training Roma mothers to gain the same skills, so they can have income and improve their position in the family. Our goal is that program  create sustainable funding for the organization so that it may continue with educational programs for Roma students from the poorest Roma Settlements.

Income from selling the products will go to the mothers who worked on them as well as for programs involving children in the school and the community (tutorial support for elementary schools and for high Schools, non-formal education, athletics, cultural activities etc.).

At this time, pages for on-line shopping is in the process of activation and adjustment. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

You can order products via e-mail agendacentar@gmail.com