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Agenda in Council of Europe Youth Conference

AGENDA in Council of Europe 2015.

Representatives of the Agenda (leader of mentoring programs and two mentee) participated in the Youth Conference of the long term ENTER program in the Council of Europe ENTER-Youth-Meeting-2015

ENTER – Program for promoting access to social rights for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and categories is a long-term program of training of youth workers and leaders. The representative of the Agenda participated in the first round of training ENTER (2009-2012).  At the ENTER Youth Meeting 2011. in Strasbourg, Agenda participate with two young participants from ES Jovan Cvijic “. At the other ENTER Youth Meeting 2015, Agenda participate with 3 representatives.

The Enter! project was initiated by the youth sector of the Council of Europe in 2009 aiming at the development of youth policy and youth work responses to situations of exclusion, discrimination and violence affecting young people, particularly in multicultural disadvantaged neighbourhoods. The project promotes young people’s access to social rights as a means for their inclusion and participation in society. (source: http://www.coe.int/en/web/enter/home)


The sewing program in the starting phase

We are developing programs for economic empowerment of women / mothers who educate children and live at or below the poverty line.

We are in starting phase of our sewing program.

Thanks to personal donations woman from Newton, we get 4 sewing machines. Our first sewing machine sews now happily in a shack in Belgrade. 

We are grateful for your help. 

Women in Action 🙂