Programs and projects

From the beginning of Agenda journey


Improving the Quality of Life in Roma Settlement Rusanj

Belgrade, Rusanj Settlement 2006.

Education for all

Education for all

Sociological survey about quality of life of the Roma settled in solid quality social flats was conducted in Belgrade’s suburb Rusanj. We collected and analyzed structure of their households, average number of family members, their age and gender structure as well as the literacy, level of education, occupation, employment, main source of income, possession of identity documents of the adults. Concerning their children, we examined their age and gender structure, level of education, coverage of the school system, regularly attendants of school and dropping out from the school system. According the survey results, the main problem of this community is education and we decided to focus on education of their children.

Summary: 26 households; 151 persons; 80% of school children failed the class in elementary school;  500 copies printed.

Research (only in Serbian language):  Sociolosko istrazivanje o kvalitetu zivota romske zajednice u Rusnju, Beograd

Extended School Day Program for Roma Children in Rusanj 

Belgrade, Rusanj Settlement  2006/2007/2008

In this Settlement, Agenda cooperate with Local Red Cross organization. Red Cross conducted long term program for preschool Roma children and Agenda started a extended school day for Roma children. Both programs was dedicated to support Roma children education and integration.

We conducted a seminar for teachers and leaders of the workshops, to enable them to work with children who have poor learning achievement.

During extended Tutoring program Agenda Center for family supportschool day, after the regular school classes, trained teachers, through various forms, helped children in acquisition of regular school subject contents. Beside, through workshops, entertainment and procreative activities, the special trainers encouraged and strengthened the children to, in a facilitated way, deal with life difficulties.

2/3 made progress in their school success and 
1/3 of them were even very advanced.

Local Red Cross continued the program until end of 2017. school year.

Summary: 32 children;  3 years;  432 days;  25 workshops;  1 seminar for teachers;  2/3 made progress;

For more information feel free to see Report here : Project report Extended School Day in Rusanj Settlemment

Census of Persons, Households and Objects in Unsanitary Settlement under the Gazela Bridge    

Belgrade, Gazela Settlement, 2007.

The project was supported by Belgrade’s City Government and Belgrade’s Secretary for Social and Children’s protection. The census was conducted in the unhygienic settlement under the bridge with poor Roma population, living in very bad conditions, which have to be displaced because of the bridge reconstruction.

Summary : 986 persons; 220 households; 237 living objects;

I Have Right to Live Healthy     

Rušanj Settlement, 2008/2009

Tutoring program Agenda Center for family supportSeries of workshops with aim to improve children’s practical knowledge about healthy life styles realized during winter and summer holidays for all interested children from elementary school “Aca Milosavljevic” in Rušanj who spent their holidays at home. We conducted a lectures about health protection with doctor epidemiologist, we used practical experiments with recycling, and also technique of the Theater of the Oppressed… Participants created an interesting leaflets and deliver them on public places.

Summary:  33 children;   30 workshops; 
3 Forum plays; 3 public actions;

Friendly with Roma Women Settlements Rušanj and Makiš 

Rusanj and Makis, 2010.

Friendly with Roma woman By carefully profiled set of seminars and workshops, considering circumstances of functioning Roma families in Rusanj and Makis 1, we carried out useful knowledge to Roma women, practical in every day’s life and included the following aspects of family life:


aspect related to health of whole family and

                             aspect which improve knowledge about civil rights

Summary: 47 women; 20 workshops;
2 lectures by gynecologist;
2 lectures by epidemiologist;

IN FOCUS: Roma Family in Unsanitary Settlement under the Pancevo Bridge -Deponija

Belgrade, 2008/2009/2010/2011/2012

In Focus Roma childThe project was conducted for years in informal settlement Deponija, which is large unhygienic Roma settlement under the Pančevo Bridge. During that period we create a network of institutions and organizations for supporting Roma families in education of their children (Red Cross, ES “Jovan Cvijić”, educational assistant in school, Roma health mediator in the settlement, Faculty of Political Science, students perform a regular practice in tutorial support and social work in community, American Council alumni provide English lessons workshops).

For 5 years, we supported 45 families through next programs:

-Support children in formal educational system by providing tutorial support in learning (2 hours every day during the school year), monitored by Red Cross Palilula;

-Non formal education for all In Focus Roma child pupils in the school, teachers and parents with special emphasizes on non-discrimination and social inclusion, using Theater of the oppressed method;

-Workshops and intercultural activities with students in school conducted by American Council Alumni.

-Social community work and support for parents to accessing the institutions and organizations and achieve their rights, already exist in society.

Program has as a result a decreased number of drops out from school from 82% to 5% during this period of time. (Research from 2012.)

Red Cross of Palilula continued program until end of 2017. school year.
Drop out rate in 2016. was 0%.
Summary: 25 families; 45-50 children;  480 students;  30 workshops;    Network of institutions;  Cleaning up rubbish;  Veterinary treatments;   Sociological survey;
Drop out decreased from 82% to 5%;

Let’s Play for Humanity  and  Let’s Together

Belgrade, 2010. / 2011

Unique approach of Agenda is that we are using Theater of the Oppressed as a technique working with ALL students in schools. In Elementary school “Jovan Cvijić” we continue to support education of children from unhygienic Deponija Settlement, this time with ALL pupils in school twice using Theater of the Oppressed as a tool to improve dialog, interaction, and understanding with aim to decrease discrimination and violation between Roma and non Roma children. Together with Red Cross we conducted project ”Let’s Play for Humanity” in 2010. and next year in 2011. project ”Let’s Together”. In total, app.700 students participated in Theater of the Oppressed workshops. We created bilingual (Serbian/Roma) manual for teachers.

Theatre of the Oppressed in ES ''Jovan Cvijic''Theatre of the Oppressed ES JOvan Cvijic Theatre of the Oppressed in ES ''Jovan Cvijic''

Summary:  700 pupils; 92 workshops days; 5 Forum plays for parents; Bilingual (Serbian/Roma) manual printed;

Let’s Play for Equality

Belgrade, 2012

We used the same technique – Theater of the Oppressed to combat gender based discrimination in Elementary School for Adults “Braća Stamenković”, where most pupils are Roma from different Belgrade’s settlements. Target group was all 150 students from Disadvantaged Neighborhoods, (‘’Deponija’’, ‘’Mali Leskovac’’, ‘’Borcha’’, Jabucki rit’’, ‘’Reva’’ etc.), age between 10 and 25 who attend Elementary School for Adults. We work with 80 pupils of bought genders.

The aim of the project was promotion of Social Rights by improving knowledge about gender equality and parenthood between students with special emphasize in Roma girls, which are in high risk of domestic violence.

Summary: 142 pupils from1st to 8th grade; 52 workshops days; 
10 teachers trained;   2 Forum plays for parents;  Manual printed;

The Theater of Life

Serbia, 2012/2013/2014

Theatre of the OppressedWe created seminar for educators, teachers and professional associates in elementary and secondary schools with aim to provide them with knowledge about Low against discrimination and alternative technique to combat discrimination and violence in schools, using Theater of the Oppressed. The seminar is accredited by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia, and so far we conducted 9 seminars for 230 teachers in Serbia.

Summary: 230 teachers; 9 seminars;
Accreditation provided by Ministry of education;

Belgrade Nova Platform – Strengthening Cooperation of Institutions and CSOs in Belgrade to Support Inclusive Education for Roma

2013/2014 Makiš1, Makiš2, Kijevo, Resnik  and Kamendin

Tutorial support in education Project is focused of 5 container Roma settlements where are temporarily housed Roma people displaced from settlements: Gazela and Belvil. The project implemented methodology and model which AGENDA created and practicing in previous work (In FOKUS). Program included long-term support in learning for Roma children, Seminar for their parents and Seminar for their teachers; network of institutions and organizations to achieve the goal of social inclusion; Project runs by Democratic Transition Initiative – DTI and Agenda as a partner, together with Belgrade City Government. Donator: European Commision under EIDHR program.

Summary: 18 month; 158 Roma children; 480 teaching classes; 6 teachers;  56 Roma families;  30 workshops for mothers;  20 school teachers; 21 university students;  Sociological research;

Youth Media in Every School in Palilula Municipality

2013 Belgrade

The aim of project was providing Access to information by and for young people, addressing Children and Social Rights. We start with 23 schools in Palilula Municipality.

Information’s are related to:

Information about institutions and organizations in local communities related to children rights;

-Awareness rising content- prevention programs;

-Quality leisure time activities offered in Local communities;

-School achievements;

Access to information is established through installation of monitors in all schools, visible to all pupils, teachers and parents. The level of interest is huge and 80% of School Teams was present always on meetings and send their presentations.

Summary: 23 Schools;
23 School Teams = 90 pupils and 25 teachers; 
23 School equipped with monitors and external hard discs;
Council of project established; 2 two days seminar; 
10 School Team meetings;  10 presentations;  
App.7 000 pupils, teachers and parents covered;

Mentoring program for Roma High School and College students  

Serbia, 2014

YOUTH FOR YOUTH program gathering 21 Roma College students, Roma middle school students and 21 mentors (chosen by particular needs of mentees) with main Mentoring program for Roma studentsgoal to support Roma students in education. Mentoring program is consisted of: for a student to have support outside of their close proximity; cultural exchange; support in current education as well as help in continuing education; support in broadening social and cultural capital; professional orientation support.


Summary: 21 students/mentees – 21 mentors; 
5 days seminar;  5 meetings; 1 training;

AGENDA and Grinnell College Internship Program


Agenda was host organization for Grinnell College (Iowa, USA) intern students. So far, two students were involved in our programs (sociological research in Roma settlements, and Youth for Youth program).

Summary: 2 interns from Grinnell College Iowa USA

AGENDA Social Entrepreneurship-Souvenirs Production 

Serbia 2014.

Agenda started developing a social enterprise. We want to produce souvenirs. Souvenirs are creation of Agenda member (she generously give us a permission to use her design) for sales. Woman from Newton CUCC church supportAgenda, Center for family supported us with donation of 4 sewing second hand machines.  Now we are in process in establishing a program of training unprivileged mothers  to empower them to be producers and , we hope, employees in our social entrepreneurship program. Our aim is to support them in schooling children.

For now, souvenirs are placed in online souvenirs shop  Mala srpska prodavnica


SPAAS – Counseling, Prevention of Asocial and Antisocial Behavior

2016. 2017.

Agenda- Center for Family Support, in cooperation with the Institute for Children and Youth continues activities related to the prevention of asocial and antisocial behavior in the community through the project ” CPAAB counseling, prevention of asocial and antisocial behavior ”. The project is supported by the Ministry of Labor, EmployPrevention of antisocial and asocial behaviourment, and Social Issues.

The project is aimed at preventing the development of asocial and antisocial behaviors and juvenile delinquency, early detection of the first signs, and reacting before the full development of behavioral disorders and arriving in conflict with the law, with the elementary school students within the territory of the Municipality of Vozdovac.

Summary:6 Elementary Schools cooperate in prevention program; 18 children at risk and their parents treated with therapy;
62 students at elementary schools attend workshops of Theater of the oppressed;