Mentorsip program for Roma students

Mentoring program for Roma students


In summer 2014.  AGENDA started mentorship program YOUTH FOR YOUTH

Short description of program

We believe that one of the biggest issues that Roma students and youth in general face is the lack of access to Social Rights, mainly education, as well as lack of opportunities for academic growth and development of leadership skills. This project has multiple groups that will benefit as it creates a platform for youth to learn from other youth, while building networks and mentorship-bonds.

YOUTH FOR YOUTH is a project that is targeting several groups of beneficiaries. The target groups involved in this project are Roma College students, Roma middle school students and mentors.

YOUTH FOR YOUTH consist of two main activities, the first being, forming a group of young Roma students – mentees. For this purpose seminar in Red Cross Vrsac resort was conducted, with 27 participants – Roma High School students and College students and students who are studying abroad.

Second activity was series of networking events and finding adequate mentors for mentees according to their particular needs and connecting mentors and mentees with one main goal to support Roma students in education.

After a 5 month of mentorship program, we have active 10 mentorship pears. As we are living in 21st centuries, it is possible for people to connect all over the world, so some of our mentors are abroad, and one pear (mentor-mentee) are in Vienna on a same College.

What do we need next is support for our pears mentor-mentee meetings and further development of mentoring program through training, workshops and software program to communicate all together wherever we are.

We all are ready and eager for the next steps

on our journey.

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