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Agenda outreach program with waste collectors

Agenda outreach program with waste collectors








L. P. is a Romani single mother of 3 under-aged girls. She came to Belgrade 9 years ago, with a group of cousins from Lebane and they are now living under the bridge in one settlement.

Her living situation is difficult. They are living in a 15m2 shack made out of wooden planks and nylon collected from the near by dump. There is no access to water, and electricity is coming from neighboring houses.

She owns a furnace, that she made by her self using old barrel, two beds, old cabinet

Agenda outreach program with waste collectors

and a TV. Her daily job was to collect garbage. Daily, along with children, she walks more than 10 kilometers in order to raise enough cardboard and old things.

NGO Agenda assisted her in the process of obtaining legal documents, and registration taxes in Belgrade, connected her with social work and school, as well as, assisted her with donations of clothes, shoes and school supplies.

As part of the system, soon L.  was eligible for child benefits and social assistance. Steady income has helped this single mother greatly, her 3 daughters go to school regularly now, they have clothes and shoes. Furthermore, L. herself started to go to school for adults. 

L. is now using sewing machine donated from a Church in Iowa.

Agenda has been helping this family from 2012.

Agenda outreach program with waste collectors

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    Good job! Keep on doing the good work.

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