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Belgrade star award for project ”In Focus”

ZVEZDA BEOGRADA Nagrada za projekat ''U FOKUSU'

The project “In FOCUS” was awarded with the BELGRADE STAR award. We are proud and happy for the award and gratitude to the City of Belgrade for recognizing and rewarding our efforts. A prize to Agenda means more than one successful project. Namely, in the year 2007, the Agenda run a Census of Gazela residents for displacement purposes. Since 2009,Read the rest of this page »

Project ”IN FOCUS – support for Roma families”


From the very beginning, NGO AGENDA was included in the programs of support to the residents of Gazela and Belvil, through the census of Gazela; the programs for support in learning in temporary settlements Makis 1; and then through the coverage of 123 children from 5 temporary settlements (Makis 1 and 2, Rakovica 1 and 2 and Kamendin). This yearRead the rest of this page »

Successful stories

L. P. is a Romani single mother of 3 under-aged girls. She came to Belgrade 9 years ago, with a group of cousins from small town and they are now living under the bridge in big city. Her living situation is difficult. They are living in a 15m2 shack made out of wooden planks and nylon collected from the nearRead the rest of this page »

Youth Media in Every School

Omladinski informator 2013 Palilula

OUR SOLUTION FOR IMPROVING ACCESS TO SOCIAL RIGHTS FOR YOUTH AGENDA Organization and the Red Cross Palilula implemented the project Youth Media in Every School whose goal is to better inform students and the encouragement of cooperation among all schools in the municipality of Palilula (Belgrade). This unique project includes the municipality Palilula all students in primary and secondary schools,Read the rest of this page »

Mentorsip program for Roma students

Mentoring program for Roma students

YOUTH FOR YOUTH In summer 2014.  AGENDA started mentorship program YOUTH FOR YOUTH Short description of program We believe that one of the biggest issues that Roma students and youth in general face is the lack of access to Social Rights, mainly education, as well as lack of opportunities for academic growth and development of leadership skills. This project hasRead the rest of this page »

Agenda in Council of Europe Youth Conference

AGENDA in Council of Europe 2015.

Representatives of the Agenda (leader of mentoring programs and two mentee) participated in the Youth Conference of the long term ENTER program in the Council of Europe ENTER-Youth-Meeting-2015 ENTER – Program for promoting access to social rights for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and categories is a long-term program of training of youth workers and leaders. The representative of theRead the rest of this page »

Project SPAAS – counseling, prevention of asocial and antisocial behavior

Agenda Center for Family Support

Agenda- Center for Family Support, in cooperation with the Institute for Children and Youth continues activities related to the prevention of asocial and antisocial behavior in the community through the project ” SPAAS counseling, prevention of asocial and antisocial behavior ”. The project is supported by the Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Issues. The project is aimed at preventingRead the rest of this page »

The sewing program in the starting phase

We are developing programs for economic empowerment of women / mothers who educate children and live at or below the poverty line. We are in starting phase of our sewing program. Thanks to personal donations woman from Newton, we get 4 sewing machines. Our first sewing machine sews now happily in a shack in Belgrade.  We are grateful for yourRead the rest of this page »

THEATER OF THE OPPRESSED – Aristotle University in Thessaloníki

Theatre of the Oppressed in Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece

Class: “Drama Games”: Theater of the Oppressed Theater of the Oppressed with wonderful students Aristotle University Drama Department in Thessaloníki. It was an honor and pleasure working with them Thank you Τάσος Αγγελόπουλος Play and learn together

By purchasing our crafts you are directly supporting education of children live under the poverty line.